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The four major components of the car camera are critical

What is a complete car camera? I believe that many people are holding a car camera and thinking about how it is made and how it is made. A small thing that has such a magical function? The standard car camera is A PCBA, a lens, a tail cable and a shell are the four main components. I believe that what everyone is very unfamiliar with is PCBA. What kind of thing is it? Then I tell you it is like a person’s heart without Ken, which cannot be produced. PCBA is made of an empty board, which is what everyone knows. Said PCB needs to be pasted with a lot of electronic materials and these circuits form a complete circuit diagram so that a complete PCBA is completed.

PCBA can control the entire camera. It can clearly show what your camera looks like. Is it 720P or 1080P? This is determined by the motherboard, so its effect is derived from it.

Then the lens is an integral part of the car camera, and the lens has a great relationship with the camera effect. The lens is divided into many types, from waterproof lens and non-waterproof lens, with blue wave and without blue wave tempered and without tempered lens. Also divided into glass and plastic. This lens will also directly affect the sharpness of the camera. A good lens will make the effect of the camera very good.

Of course, everyone knows the shell well. Every thing always has an appearance. Our car camera has a different appearance. Each different appearance will have a different mold. This is matched according to customer needs. So it seems that a camera is very simple, but it also contains a lot of things, but a camera is very complicated, but it feels different.

This is a simple camera component, which is the four main components. Of course, they are all indispensable to form a camera.

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