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What should I pay attention to when installing a driving recorder?

As people's living standards have been greatly improved, many people have become car owners. After buying a car, if many people choose to buy a dash cam, what should I pay attention to when installing a dash cam?

First: The electronic dog cannot be used when installing the driving recorder. Nowadays, many driving recorders on the market have electronic dogs. Electronic dogs are electronic devices that broadcast the road conditions ahead in time. They are liked by many car owners. They can monitor whether the car owners have violated regulations at any time. However, according to the traffic police, the existence of electronic dogs will interfere with electronic cameras and other capture devices, causing the cameras to not work properly. Therefore, the traffic police department will strictly investigate this kind of equipment, as long as it is installed, it will face deductions if it is found.

Second: The installation of a driving recorder can not interfere with attention. When many people are driving, especially on highways, because they are boring, they always look at the dash cam from time to time. It often happens that the attention gap leads to traffic accidents, or when there are complicated traffic conditions, it is impossible to react in time. Cause unnecessary safety hazards. At high speeds, the speed of the car is very fast. Once distracted, the car may deviate from the track and cause unnecessary damage. Third: installing a driving recorder can not block the driver's sight. Many car owners install the driving recorder in a position that affects the driver's line of sight for easy viewing. For example, it is installed directly above the steering wheel, which is the front of the driver. These positions will cause the driver's line of sight to be disturbed, and sometimes it is inevitable to see when driving. However, the driving recorder is directly above, which will cause the observation of the road surface not to be too careful and cause unnecessary hidden dangers.

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