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Take you to analyze the driving recorder

The driving recorder is now the most popular among automotive electronic equipment. It is used a lot and it is very common. It is generally believed that the driving recorder is anti-"ceramic" and can restore the specific situation of safety accidents and reduce a lot of Extra inconvenience. But what exactly is a driving recorder?

Car "black box": a textbook-like expression: a driving recorder is a device that records images and sound materials during the entire driving process. Literally figured out, is it inconvenient for the anti-collision porcelain party? Yes, it is the original intention of most customers to install it. It is like a black box in an airport, which can record the interface during the whole process of driving, and can be used as evidence in the case of a car accident.

Scenery record along the road: Another key function of the driving recorder is to record the happy scenery in the middle of your safe driving, and the sound materials in the whole process, which can record the interface that occurs at all times. For example, driving at night can capture the fashion, which is not available on the mobile phone, because no one always holds the mobile phone to take pictures.

Small DV and recording of daily life: Many of today's driving recorders have exquisite and exquisite designs. On the one hand, they can be installed in a concealed manner, which is good for beauty. Some recorders are beautiful. On the other hand, they have built-in rechargeable batteries that can be used as DVs. Applications, friends gatherings, outdoor activities, etc. are all very easy to use. It is very layered, which increases the frequency of equipment applications and serves multiple purposes.

Parking guard: If you are parked, if someone collides with your car or paddles, the dash cam has a gravity sensor, it will automatically record and store the video at the beginning, so that the traffic accident escapees have no escape Shape, let you park more peace of mind and more comfortable.

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