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Sales Representative
1. Develop new customers, maintain the business of old customers, and tap the greatest potential of customers;
2. Regularly communicate with cooperative customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship;
3. Have a high enthusiasm for sales, with strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
4. Have good adaptability and pressure-bearing ability; have keen market insight, have a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude;
5. One year or more of sales experience in electronic components business is preferred and fresh graduates are accepted.

Sales Assistant
1. Timely receipt, confirmation, and delivery response of customer orders. Preparation, confirmation, and filing of quotations;
2. Timely entry and confirmation of customer orders, timely arrangement of shipments, and follow-up;
3. Maintain good communication with the client, and be able to understand the abnormality of the client in time. So that the company and sales staff can handle and solve the problem in time;
4. Reconciliation at the end of the month, assist in follow-up and sign back the statement;
5. Cheerful and clear personality, earnestly strive to complete the content of the job, and actively assist the department leaders in temporary arrangements for related work matters;
6. Those with relevant work experience are preferred. Those with clerical work experience and outstanding fresh graduates are welcome.
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