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(1) Strong detection capability: The detection capability within the measurement distance range is more than twice that of the current similar products. It can be compared by testing special objects: when testing small objects such as wires, other products cannot be detected, but the car general reversing radar can detect it; in addition, when detecting the human body, other products can only be tested due to the absorption of ultrasonic waves by clothes. To about 0.6 meters, the reversing radar produced by our company can measure about 1.3 meters.

(2) Stable display: After the reversing radar detects an obstacle, the display is stable and does not jump randomly. Users generally report that the reversing sensor feels good when reversing. This is mainly due to the leading technology of the reversing radar: on the one hand, the detection capability of the sensor is several times higher than that of other products, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the obtained signal is high; on the other hand, the complex signal can be effectively processed, once the target is caught Follow closely, and the data changes steadily during reversing.

(3) Fast capturing speed: The reversing radar can respond quickly to moving objects that cross the rear of the car laterally, such as running and cycling.

(4) Wide ranging range and high accuracy: ranging from 0.35 meters to 2.5 meters, the display resolution is up to 1 cm. The maximum detection distance of general products can only reach 1.5 meters. The measurement distance of 2.5 meters enables the radar to catch the target in advance, and the measurement error is only ±2 cm. However, other radar pairs display different values when measuring objects of different sizes at the same distance, and the measurement error is relatively large.

(5) Appearance craftsmanship: The display has streamline type, flat type and car rearview mirror display and other varieties. Graphic indication and distance display are clear and beautiful; the sensor has a unique design with a concave surface, which is buried in the bumper and integrates with the car; the sensor color adopts automobile painting process, with more than 60 commonly used colors, and changes constantly according to the color of mainstream models The most new color is added to ensure the match with the original car color.

(6) Reliability and life: This product is in accordance with military product standards, and measures are taken in terms of component selection, circuit design, process standards and reliability to ensure that its design life is greater than the car life. Three-year warranty and lifetime service.
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